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Tax and reporting for creatives

Tax scares the absolute hell out of people. But it is something that will rear its head – every month, quarter, or year. And it’s not going away. It has to be dealt with.

So let’s do it because we have to!

Feeding it back to you

Can you hear what’s coming out of the amplifier? It sounds like a deeper understanding of the numbers and what they mean for the health of your business.

Tax and reporting

Traditional accountants call this “tax compliance” – we call it, keeping you out of jail.

As a business, you are required by the ATO and ASIC to file a tax return and prepare financial statements every single year.

We will make sure what needs to happen will happen but we will also take this opportunity to give you some valuable feedback about what the numbers in the financial reports actually mean in relation to the overall health of your creative business.

Business activity statements

Another tax obligation that we can clear from your anxiety and manage for you on a quarterly basis.

We will carry out an audit of ALL transactions for the period – check that purchase GST has been claimed on every transaction that it should have been and conversely that it hasn’t been claimed where it shouldn’t have been.

Tax planning

We hear it ALL the time – “I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about the tax I have to pay this year”.  Well, what if we said it’s possible to manage your taxes and gain control over their effect on your finances? Hello! 

Tax planning is a service we implement lightly throughout the financial year and then crank it up again when we are 3 months out of the end of the financial year. When your taxes are fully understood and planned for you can regain control over your anxiety… and cash flow!

Tax & reporting for All kinds of creative folks

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Accounting and tax sessions with Amplify 11 turns what some may think is a chore into a pleasure.



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