Amplify 11 Business and tax advice for creatives​​

Crank it up to 11

Business and tax advice for creatives​​

Understanding when and how to make your next move – Whether it be going on tour or recording an EP – is crucial to the longevity of your creative business. You’re not here to do business quietly. So let’s crank it up to 11 and put together strategic plans and advice.

Don't do business quietly

Business structuring​

The correct business structure is crucial for tax and succession planning. But that sounds boring. The correct business structure can influence the amount of tax you pay and should pose no issues if band members or business partners are coming and going.

Getting this right from the start is one thing but we know that things change – whichever the case, we can help! 

Budgeting and forecasting

This is about bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it. Budgeting and forecasting around things such as the cash coming in and out of your business is the key to help you planning your next tour or knowing when you will have the funds ready to record that next album!

Business planning

Would you enter a recording studio without first going into pre-production? You could… but it’s highly likely your cost will blow out very quickly. Business is much the same – having a plan in place from the start will set a solid stage for you to perform.

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Accounting and tax sessions with Amplify 11 turns what some may think is a chore into a pleasure.



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