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Accounting for creativity​

Your expertise lies in your creative craft not allocating numbers to a chart of accounts. Better yet, the shit you read on Google about moving income and expenses or depreciating instruments in a backyard pool party… what?! None of this makes sense to you and you read about the benefits of having a good accountant yet you don’t even understand what the benefit actually is.

Connecting the amp to the speakers

If we are going to keep playing the amplifier/guitar signal analogy then let’s say that the accounting is the guts of the amp – the schematic if you will – which is the intermediary between what you are putting into it (the bookkeeping data) and what is then coming out the other end (tax, reports and the advisory plans once we crank to 11).

Chartered Tax Accountant for Music Industry

As the old saying goes, “sh!t in and sh!t out.”

Solid accounting is your chance to make sense of it all. Make some tweaks using the EQ knobs before it comes out of the speakers.

So accounting – how we do it anyway – is taking the bookkeeping information from “take the input signal”, all the sales receipts, expense invoices and ensuring that it is all meticulously accounted for and classed.

Fix up some of that junk that may have found its way in, move prepaid expenses into the correct financial period and set you up with a fixed asset register so we can categorise, track and properly depreciate the tools of your trade – be it instruments, cameras or pro audio equipment.

With a proper and sound set of business accounts, tweaked and EQ’d to yours and your audiences’ parameters, you are ready to hit the standby switch and start hearing back to the accurate information (sound) that is about to come blasting out of your speakers.

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Chartered Tax Accounting Creative Industries


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Chartered Tax Accounting Creative Industries

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