The secret sauce to Eddie Van Halen’s guitar sound on the 1978 debut album was setting all 6 dials on his Marshall amp to 10! If you aren’t ready to crank it to 11, we have prepared this eBook which provides 6 key business measures that you can dial up to get your business wailing like EVH playing Eruption!

  1. Cash Flow
  2. Customer Payment Days
  3. Net Profit
  4. Revenue Growth
  5. Maximizing Net Profit
  6. Improving your Sales Processes

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Why Amplify 11?

We live and breathe your world

We are the real ‘creative accountants’ who share the same vision as our clients and are inspired by their creativity and future prospects. We have lived and breathed your world before… actually, we still do. So when we say we understand your needs, we can really prove it. We’ll guide you to realise the potential of your business and true value.

We turn off the jargon other accountants

We turn off the jargon other accountants confuse their clients with and provide you with the clarity and confidence that is in tune with your own creative endeavors. To amplify the possibilities you can achieve in your businesses. While exceeding the expectations of what an accountant should be, we proactively manage your finances with your goals in mind. It’s a service we believe goes beyond 10 out of 10, as we turn it up to 11.