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We have a huge (and I mean huge) passion for the creative industry and we love working with creative organisations and individuals - no matter the industry. So if you're keen to see if we're a good fit and what we can do to help you and your business thrive - let's chat!

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Comm Coinage
17 March 2023

After a series of unsatisfactory experiences with accountants who didn't understand my business, I discovered Amplify 11 and Anthony. Since then, I've seen significant improvements in my results. The communication and ease of contacting Anthony have been nothing short of exceptional, making the entire experience a pleasure.

Sarah-Jane Hook
14 February 2023

The Amplify 11 team are super friendly to deal with. Fast and efficient service. Particularly amusing and witty copywriting from Anthony :) Wouldn't hesitate to use their services if you have a creative business and you need some help with the books.

Mitch Bevan
28 November 2022

Ant has been the best support to our business! Ant takes the time and care to actually understand your business rather than just crunching numbers. We work with Ant remotely from our small business in Melbourne and couldn't ask for a better accountant! Thanks Ant! :)

Simone Waddell
8 November 2022

Absolutely brilliant! I’d recommend Ant to anyone. He’s fast, efficient, kind, and so helpful. Look no further!

isabel gomez
7 November 2022

Anthony is a fantastic account . Anthony is extremely helpful , knowledgeable and most importantly he cares. 10/10 thanks Anthony

Jana Plumm
10 October 2022

Very friendly, reliable service with a convenient online system for making appointment bookings and uploading documents. Would 100% recommend! Thanks Amplify 11!

Andrew C
8 October 2022

I'm so glad I stumbled upon Amplify11 on the internets! Ant is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and exactly the person I needed to help me start a business. I can't wait to take the next step, then the next, with Ant's advice. Utterly recommended, thanks Ant!!

Daniel Bourke
28 September 2022

Today I met Anthony and he helped process my semi-complex tax return. He helped my small business grow and gave great advice for future tax years. It’s very clear from my experience with Amplify 11 that anthony understands creative people and how to navigate tax for creative types of work. Would strongly recommend.

Martin Sanders
27 September 2022

My experience with Anthony was great. He makes the intimidating time of tax clear cut and simple, but he goes beyond that with his passion for helping businesses grow.

Antipodes music group
22 September 2022

Great personal service from Anthony, he goes 'above & beyond' and he is a guitarist! what's not to like! but seriously, great accountant, great ongoing advice and planning.

Alina W Music
8 September 2022

Anthony is AMAZING! Not only is he incredibly thorough and knowledgeable, but he really takes the time to get to know you and your business! I couldn't speak more highly of Amplify 11. Highly recommend!

Mithra Kennaugh
24 August 2022
Jesse Lubitz
11 August 2022

Amplify 11 have been instrumental in getting our business up to speed. Anthony's attention to detail is unparalleled, and his ability to explain tax and accounting matters in clear and succinct language has made working with Amplify 11 an absolute pleasure - I can't recommend them highly enough.

Anita Fischer
10 August 2022

Fantastic! Anthony is extremely professional, patient and friendly. Highly reccomend Amplify 11. I will definitely be back every year. Thanks Anthony :)

Pete Dominish
5 August 2022

Very professional and helpful. Great service and easy to communicate with.

Adam Drum
25 July 2022

Amplify 11 have been the most efficient and easy to use company during tax time that I've ever had the pleasure of using.I think you guys have found yourself a lifelong customer!

Melissa Dale
18 May 2022

Ant was incredibly understanding, personable, knowledgeable and friendly from start to end. I highly recommend Amplify 11 to any fellow artists who want someone who will really listen and help you get the best result with your tax return.Thank you so much!!

Amy Wilmot
15 May 2022

Amazing to work with and couldn't have gotten a better result. Very very happy

Georgina Galea
2 February 2022

Excellent service and consultation by Amplify 11 regarding our tax returns for this financial year. Ant is a pleasure to deal with and the whole process was smooth sailing. If you require an accountant for your personal tax or your business then be sure to reach out. You will be very happy you did so!

Jonathan Tucker
1 February 2022

Service was excellent - were able to meet up at a time that was convenient to my wife and I. All paperwork was quickly forwarded and things ran smoothly. The experience was efficient and reasonably priced.

Sandra Lucia
22 September 2021

Anthony has been there for the whole family from tax lodgements to conveyancing. He is always available to listen to his client's concerns and sets their mind at ease . Very professional and at the same time very approachable. I would recommend Amplify without any hesitation.

Connie De Filippis
13 September 2021

I would highly recommend Amplify 11. Anthony is very thorough, very knowledgeable and helps you through any questions you may have. He always puts in 110% to make sure his clients are happy. Very dedicated and passionate with his job and it shows. Thank you Amlify 11

Con De Filippis
10 September 2021

A very experienced chartered accountant finance guru and a very talented guitarist that really knows his stuff and is right up to date with the ever changing tax laws and policies Anthony really cares for his clients and their businesses I recommend Anthony to any client whether personal small businesses and medium to large companies that may require his services

Fred W
5 September 2021
Jason Collins
31 August 2021

Amplify 11 have been a breath of fresh air. Will definitely continue to use their services.

Rina Aguilar-Woo
20 August 2021

My husband and I couldn’t recommend Anthony and his team more!!!! Year after year he has just made our life that much easier (I hate tax time!). He’s always great to talk to, and very easy to communicate with. If you’re looking for a professional, reliable, fast, easy going accountant with a great sense of humour, look no further.

Fiona Murphy
11 August 2021

Amplify 11 is a great company and Ant is the go-to man for all finance needs. Professional and friendly, Ant is really supportive, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks Ant, you're the best!

Sharon Giancotti
11 August 2021
Bianca Xuereb
28 July 2021

Anthony is always such a pleasure to work with! So easy to talk to and so attentive to answer questions I have. I'm glad to be a part of the Amplify family! 110% would recommend this company and Anthony as an individual ☺

kait marurai
23 July 2021

Anthony is one of the most genuine, hardworking and honest people I have had the please of coming into contact with. He was always happy to assist and accommodate with any enquires or questions I had about my tax return. Through his hard work, I was able to understand how my tax works and the substitutes I am eligible for. My return came in quickly and I am more than satisfied with this service and will 100% recommend Anthony and his business to all my friends and family.

Michael Giancotti
16 February 2021
Cam Jones
16 February 2021

A man who truly knows his craft. Attention to detail and the patience and ability to explain complexities easily to people that don’t know the ins and outs of finance/accounting. Friendly, supportive and an all round good guy! Will continue to recommend to friends and family!

Andrew Giancotti
15 February 2021

Anthony has gone above and beyond for my family and I for all our financial needs. Definitely comfortable in recommending his services to anyone. Such a professional !

Yasmine Patel
15 February 2021

We have had nothing but positive experiences with this company and its predisecing company. As a mortgage broker and accountant, Anthony has always gone above and beyond to make sure we knew what we needed to do, and the processes of buying a house and filing a tax return. We have absolutely no complaints about Anthony or his work and highly reccomend him to anyone and everyone. You'd be silly not to engage with his services.11/10 from me !

Melanie Marurai
15 February 2021

I would highly recommend Anthony from Amplify 11 for all your financial needs. We have been dealing with Anthony for a couple of years now, he is so knowledgeable and always goes that extra mile for his clients. My older children are now using Anthony’s services and we are so comfortable in the knowledge that they have someone like him to guide them. Anthony is genuine, honest and hardworking - you won’t regret giving Amplify 11 a go.

Mercury De Filippis
15 February 2021

I am Anthony’s wife so I’m gonna be a harsh critic - but having said that I cannot fault his ability to manage my tax affairs. And I haven’t been put into jail.. (yet!) Anthony has a genuine interest and passion for helping his clients and loves to explain (in depth) the best way to manage your finances and maximise your future tax returns. 10/10 would marry again.

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Getting your business in tune


Properly maintained bookkeeping is a pain in the butt. BUT it’s also the starting point for useful insights into how things are really going in your business.

Are you wondering if your gear can hold out?  Salivating over the thought of a car or computer upgrade? Not sure if you can afford to bring in another staff member to take on some of your workload?

When we keep your books tidy, we get an understanding of your actual “spendable cash” situation.

Leave the bookkeeping to us, Xero, and ReceiptBank. You go do what you do best.

After all, you didn’t fight tooth and nail in business to be your own accountant, right?



Trying to calculate your employees’ leave entitlements and weekly pay packets without knowing the ins and outs is like doing a solo in the wrong key.

You only get it right 1 every 5 notes. And we all know that’s not good enough.

We’re virtuosos at payroll. Let us show you how we shred your payroll problem. You’ll be screaming for an encore!

Xero implementation and training

Like a famous artist, we don’t put our name on gear we wouldn’t use. Here at Amplify 11 we recommend Xero because it’s the software we use to run our business. Think of it as the Pro Tools of accounting.

It’s collaborative like Google Docs, so we even get to see what you see, and make sure you don’t mess up.

A new piece of software is like a new instrument. You’ll recognise some principles quickly, but it can be a bit of a learning curve. That’s why we offer full implementation, set-up, and training to ease you into Xero.

Master it once and regret it never!

Sydney Chartered Accountant

Amplify to simplify

Now you’re in tune and ready to go, so let’s plug your instrument into the amp.
This is where we’ll adjust tone before we crank your business prospects up to 11.

Penrith Tax Accountant Anthony from Amplify 11

sh!t in = sh!t out

You know it. We know it. If you don't get it right from the start, there's no amount of Autotune that'll help you.

That’s why we make sure everything in your business is 100% in tune before we start making records together (financial ones, that is).

For us, that means gathering up your sales receipts, expense accounts, and invoices; and making sure they are meticulously accounted for and classified. Perfect, pristine, precise sound in.

Then we EQ it all and get everything sitting at the right place. We’ll move your prepaid expenses into the correct financial period. We’ll set you up with a fixed asset register to categorise, track and properly depreciate the tools of your trade - whether those are instruments, cameras, machinery or a ten-bed tour bus.

Then, let’s bounce the whole thing out. You finally have a full and proper set of business accounts.

Now you’ll have the records to stick it to anyone who tells you to cut your hair and get a real job!

Tax Reporting & Planning

We’ve got the signal and the information we need. Let’s light up the tubes and really make this data scream with some beautiful - and useful - feedback.

Tax and reporting

Traditional accountants call this “tax compliance” - we call it, “Keeping you out of jail!”

As a business you’re required by the ATO and ASIC to file a tax return and prepare financial statements every. Single. Year.

We make sure what needs to happen will happen, sure. But you never half-bum  it, and neither do we.

We give you a complete, valuable insight into the financial state of your business.

Now you can make smart decisions that make you more money with your music!

Business activity statements

This is another tax obligation that we take care of and manage for you on a quarterly basis.

We will carry out an audit of ALL your transactions for the period.

We’ll check that your purchase GST has been claimed where it can be.

And keep you out of trouble by making sure you haven’t accidentally  claimed it where you shouldn’t have.

Tax planning

The knowledge of a huge tax bill at the end of the year can easily become overwhelming.

At Amplify 11 we know how this can get in the way of you being your best creative self.

Our tax planning service gives you guidance throughout the financial year, followed up by stomping the overdrive pedal three months before it ends.

No more leaving it to the last minute. Now you’ve got year round control of your financial obligations. All while crushing that tax anxiety that keeps you up at night.

Because at Amplify 11, we’re all about freeing you up to work your magic.

Don’t do business quietly (blow the roof off with every single business move)

Business structuring​

The correct business structure is crucial for tax and succession planning.

This sounds boring until you realise that it influences the amount of tax you pay and how much ends up in your pocket!

AND makes it easy for you to add (or remove!) business (or band!) members.

You know things move super quick in your industry. You need to stay flexible, well-tuned, and properly lubricated .

This is stuff we understand and can help with, because we are you!

Budgeting and forecasting

Budgeting: Making sure you don’t overspend

Forecasting: Estimating your future expenses

Freestyling doesn’t work here. Let us help you with your business prospects based on your actual numbers. No more guessology.

Using your current incoming and outgoing cash, we can help you work out if by this time next year you’ll have the funds to buy that new car, computer, truck, (or jet!)

Business planning

You’d never enter a recording studio without planning first.

That’s a recipe for blowing out your costs in no time and  having nothing to show for it.

Business is the same. You need a plan before you begin the next phase of your project.

And we’re your roadies who set up that solid stage for you to perform from.

Who we do it for

Sole Traders





SMSF Seekers










Ready to plug in and amplify your business?

If you’re ready to start transforming your business so you can Amplify profits and simplify paperwork, contact us now.

Accounting and tax sessions with Amplify 11 turns what some may think is a chore into a pleasure.